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Blues Rose is cool by Sinnisterdictator-v4 Blues Rose is cool :iconsinnisterdictator-v4:Sinnisterdictator-v4 4 3
Can't you see it?
I can see you as this girl who has a lot of regret holding herself back.
She feels like she doesn't deserve to be happy.
Such a silly girl.
She's absolutely stunning in my eyes.
She can't see it though.
I want to tell her that everything will be okay.
That I'll protect her from the demons.
That there are people in the world who aren't so bad.
People who could and will be there for her.
She needs to know that it's okay to trust and open up.
God, I wish she can see what I see in her.
Her smile.
Her eyes.
He laugh.
If only I could though.
I have my own share of insecurities and doubt.
I'm too scared to fall.
But this girl, she makes it look like it'll be worth it.
This girl...I could really fall in love with her.
:iconsinnisterdictator-v4:Sinnisterdictator-v4 0 0
Maybe today I can press the reset button and press play.
The dating game.
The who's talking to who game.
The love game.
Maybe today I can step away from who've I been.
The loner.
The shut out
The never will I fall for another girl ever.
Maybe today I can open up to you.
Let my walls down slowly.
Let you into my life.
Let myself be happy for once.
Maybe today I'll let myself fall for you.
:iconsinnisterdictator-v4:Sinnisterdictator-v4 1 1
Complicated by Sinnisterdictator-v4 Complicated :iconsinnisterdictator-v4:Sinnisterdictator-v4 2 0 Chemistry Mishap by Sinnisterdictator-v4 Chemistry Mishap :iconsinnisterdictator-v4:Sinnisterdictator-v4 1 1
I can't be the Only one.
Have you ever fallen for someone so hard, you wake up one day and you can't remember when you ever felt so much on love?
Has your day just turned completely around when you see that person?
In many cases you just smile and have a dazed expression till someone pokes fun at you. They laugh and joke and it's all fun and games. You feel completely at ease with life.
What if you fell for your best friend?
Someone you trust wholeheartedly. . . but that tiny spark of fear settles in your heart and convinces your brain that what you feel is the worst idea ever. Life from then pretty much sucks.
Things get awkward.
Plans go down the drain.
Constantly emotions battle for dominance in your mind.
Anxiety 24/7.
Then. . . one day you wake up to realize you lost your chance.
And you're still in love.
:iconsinnisterdictator-v4:Sinnisterdictator-v4 2 3
Never Have I Ever
I can't stand my emotions.
It's either I feel guilty, ashamed, hurt, powerless. . .
So. So. So insecure with myself I'd bury myself till I couldn't see any light at all.
Then you came
I would feel nothing buy content, happy, warm, and what it felt to be in Love.
I wish I could hate you.
I wish I could run away from everything.
But it's you.
How can I escape from you?
My dreams, my thoughts, my actions . . .it's surrounded by your influence.
I'm crazy for you, I still am, and yet every time I see you I get hurt.
My flight instincts kick in to overdrive and I HAVE to get away.
I would give up anything to escape the heartache.
That jealous pang.
The fear that no matter what happens in life I lost you.
I could never go back to the life I lived before.
. . .
And it's because of you.
:iconsinnisterdictator-v4:Sinnisterdictator-v4 4 1
Rusty by Sinnisterdictator-v4 Rusty :iconsinnisterdictator-v4:Sinnisterdictator-v4 2 17
Can You Hear it?
The nonstop beating of my heart, I'm pretty sure it's audible.
It's not the caffeine that's causing my heart to race.
Nor is it the mild adrenaline rush that occurs when I win at these silly computer games.
Of course you of all people know, it's your presence that makes my blood pump faster.
You alone make me blind to the world.
Like fucking Tunnel Vision. It never fails.
I love this feeling.
Not doubting my own emotions, I know how stable they are.
This time I let my heart free and it picked you.
I'm not surprised though, you're amazing.
And I'm crazy for you.
:iconsinnisterdictator-v4:Sinnisterdictator-v4 1 1
Old Friend
Hello Irony long time no see.
I see you brought a new friend for me to meet...
We'll it's nice to meet you Fate.
What's this? you two will be working together?
I see, that's fine.
You two will make a great team, I'm glad for you two.
How can you do this to me?
What have I done to deserve this??
I've been a decent human being, I've been following all the rules..
I see, was this your plan from the beginning?
Was I supposed to play the fool?
Prep myself for this pain?'ve won.
:iconsinnisterdictator-v4:Sinnisterdictator-v4 0 3
Come again?
This feeling.
This anxiousness..
This happens every year,
I can't stop smiling..
I love this, I truly do..
This is what I wake up for,
This is what brings unbridled joy to my face.
I wanna scream to the heavens.
:iconsinnisterdictator-v4:Sinnisterdictator-v4 0 0
Doki Doki
Must you be so unbelievably amazing?
I never really believed that fate would ever work in my favor.
My life has always been me against the world, riding on luck alone.
But then, you pop out of nowhere...
Someone up there really must like me.
My god, your laugh..
Your smile..
My heart wont stop beating so fast, I think everyone can hear it.
I hope this feeling lasts a long time.
:iconsinnisterdictator-v4:Sinnisterdictator-v4 1 5
This is for You.
Did you really think I could ever forget you?
Ah my silly Koneko, it took me ages upon ages to stop the pain.
My promises will never cease to, I never closed the door.
I meant every word.
There is still love for you in my eyes, and that will never change.
I miss the days where we could just talk till the morning.
When in moments of panic all we had to do was just think of one another.
Even now my heart is still racing when I think of the two of us.
That's why I agreed to let go when you flew.
Your happiness is what became my first priority.
It still is.
:iconsinnisterdictator-v4:Sinnisterdictator-v4 0 3
You must be Crazy.
Do you not realize how special she is?!
Can you not see that any sane person is insanely jealous of you?
She was looking forward to this.
Be a god-damn-man.
She loves you and you can't even show it?!
I would kill to be hers.
She is the most amazing person ever and you must be blind.
People these days...
:iconsinnisterdictator-v4:Sinnisterdictator-v4 0 1
For what its worth
A silver ring crafted from a small shop in Mexico.
My promise to you.
Stolen, and taken away.
A gold necklace, surrounding the deepest of jade inscribed with an immortal being.
The Dragon.
Now lying away, its purpose and memories fading away.
Did the money matter?
Of course it did.
I didn't care though.
Your eyes lit up, and your smile was contagious.
How much  did I spend? doesn't matter now.
My debt is now paid in full.
:iconsinnisterdictator-v4:Sinnisterdictator-v4 1 1
Trained at an early age
I'm strong.
I've been alone before and I can be again.
I don't need anyone to help me...
I was taught that I can only count on myself.
To look out for number one and only number one.
When in the end the only person to have your back is yourself.
I don't need anyone to give me pity.
And I don't need this.
:iconsinnisterdictator-v4:Sinnisterdictator-v4 1 1


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I enjoy long walks on the beach and boxes of chocolate.
Just kidding. XD
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I have decent grammar skills and I can make magic happen with pens.

I'm a level 20 hobo-puppy-bear
And my dream is to get the girl and be a pokemon master.

Or something to that effect.

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